November 2008

You asleep from turkey yet?

GOOD, let’s go Christmas shopping!

OMG! Cheap crap at 5am!

Dear God, I love this picture

Thanking our forefathers by gorging ourselves on turkeys and taters.

Mmm, mmm, Bitch!

Nothing spruces up feasts like jelly shaped like a can.

Patty, Marcy, and Token Minority invite themselves over for Turkey.

(The above vid is part 1. Click here for Part 2, here for Part 3)

Leave it to Grandma to cook up the ultimate feast!

WHY did all of the sequels take out the costumes and awesome endings?!

Correcting all the flaws from the original while adding Awesomeness.

Nintendo Power eventually gave us the address to send away for protective Gloves

Say goodbye to your palms during those Control Stick minigames!

Wario's in first! Just the way I likes it.

Nothing says “Geek” quite like playing a simulated board game.

We’re no strangers to lo…DAMNIT, NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!!

Wait, what else is going on in that cover?

“Why don’t we create Wonder Woman, but with more cleavage?”

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