December 2008

The people who go to Times Square are downright insane. And never from NY to boot.






Dick Clark is malfunctioning again…

I get one of these every year. I haven't missed one since I was born.

For some, it just isn’t Christmas without these little trucks.

Man, I've been giving these books out for 452 years...

I’ve got nothing for this, I just love that picture.

For years, I wondered why the day after Christmas saluted boxers. They probably celebrate it anyway.

Thanks for this useless thing, Grandpa.

I’ll return it tomorrow!

(pic is from here)

Damn, I love this pic. Merry Christmas, everyone!

One day of gifts isn’t worth two months of hype.

 Hey, NORAD sprang for better rendering this year!

I got Santa in my sights.

Shoot the bastard down!!


(click here to track Santa’s Journey!)

Festivus is NOT OVER until you pin me, George!

Airing your grievances with aluminum Poles.

My kind of holiday.


(pic is from here.)

Oil that lasted eight days!

How do Dreidels factor in?

Appeasing environmentalists and lazy TV viewers everywhere on Christmas Day.

Let it snow...unless I'm driving.

Watching it fall invokes serenity, but invokes anger in commuters.

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