February 2009

Sorry, environment. We’re in a bit of a hurry here.


(written by Neil from 1000 Awesome Things. Check his blog out NOW)

Warp Whistles and Giant Goombas guarantee a classic NES game

I decided to give up nothing for Lent...Which is much harder than it sounds.

I decided to give up blogging for forty days!


If you watch the tape backwards, it looks like the girls are learning their lesson!

Have some beads and…OH DEAR GOD, PUT THOSE BACK!!

Hugh Jackman sure was doggin it up on stage during that opening last night...

It’s not worth waiting four hours to win a paperweight.

This hilarious Talk Show redeemed its Indie Cred for California?!

I've always wondered if this was legal, being a Proper Noun and all.

If you need a special dictionary to play, don’t bother.

This concept of "Wuv" confuses & infuriates us!!

Just what I need, edible chalk that reads “wuv me.”

Then make your way forth to the Shriiiiiine of the Seeeeeelver Monkey!

Why can’t anyone successfully put together a simple Silver Monkey?!

Day off! Woo!


This day is NOT about giving presents to Obama!

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