March 2009

A damn shame that MST3K didn't notice the reused scenes in Space Mutiny

At least the Cylons were Cylons on this Sci-Fi classic.


Is there anyone in this cast who ISN'T a Cylon?

“Starbuck’s a girl!”

“Everyone’s a Cylon!”

“Brilliant! Let’s cancel it!”


(hover over pic for 10 more words)

Now to go research what they changed and then go complain about it...on the internet!

A superhero story done right.

Alan Moore can rest easy.

I hate this fad, but the only ones of these I actually like are WristStrong and the ironic one that's Anti-Bracelet
You know these pieces of rubber aren’t immortality contracts, right?

I knew she was full of BS when she had Villanova getting into the Elite 8

So this is about basketball? And NOT about my OCD?

Now in easier-to-navigate Wii form!

So these creatures easily die, Playing God is incredibly fun.

This Perry Bible Fellowship comic sums this up better than I could

I’m a year older, but I get cake and presents.

(in case you didn’t notice, today’s my 22nd birthday)

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