April 2009

So what if it’s for dogs, it’s still bacon!


I already used a variation of the "SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING." meme yesterday

Create a disease that wipes out Earth’s population.

Except Madagascar.

Finally, an excuse to use a Pandemic 2 reference!

It’s a horrible disease, but I might turn into bacon!

That does not fempute!

He was the cornerstone of Golden Girls.

We’ll miss you.

 It was all fine and dandy 'til he started blowing up SUVs...The power is yours, indeed.

Protectors of the Evironment, but were such douchebags about it.

There's actually a "Lite" version of this. I say: Why bother?

Fine, just stick the damn bacon into my veins already!

He warned us about this! But upside: She's sentient and gives wise advice

Cut Al Gore a check, then toss in the trash.

My coworker Tim loves Dave Chappelle's standup routine on Grape Drink. IT'S PURPLE!!

“What the fuck is Juice?! It’s sugar, water, and Purple.”

Dudes, like…you know…Let’s go eat some Doritos, man!

Obvious broadcasting, but we need that info when we’re wasted.

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