June 2009

The Looney Tunes version was actually quite good to boot!

An Elephant-bird ended up hatching? That bird was a whore.

(BTW, this is post #200! Stay classy, blog)

This pic is...actually mine, for once.

That one book you’re legally obligated to receive upon Graduation!

This is just a ruse from TV networks to get people to buy either new TVs or those stupid converter boxes.

Now pretentious cheapskates will be forced to buy expensive TVs!

Mystery Science Theater 3000, but without the copyright infringement issues.

A human and two robots riffing crappy movies. Comedy Gold.

All the awkward writing miraculously survived the transition to film!

This is supposed to be a racoon? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

What the hell was John Goodman doing in Long Island?

I should summarize Fight Club one of these days

Estrogen bait who lets Angelina and Aniston catfight amongst themselves.

(pic is from here)

What the hell is with her face in this one?!

She has the superpower to attract all genders and babies!

God it was tough to shorten this to 10 words. The full message: Babies aren't like baby alligators, you can't flush 'em down the toilet when they stop being cute!

Babies aren’t gators, you can’t flush ’em when they’re five!

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