July 2009

Swedes, hip-hop, swing, and jazz combine into surprisingly awesome music.

Seriously, who else thought whenever ScrewEyes showed up or the kids turning into apes were seriously fucked up?

Intelligent dinosaurs, a circus and Walter Cronkite create nightmare fuel.

Fighting bald people with nosehair is the least bizarre part.

Lesbians and effeminate men sword fight to survive the apocalypse.

(Author’s Note: I wish those 10 words were a joke. Still awesome, though)

Roll up objects to create stars?

Pass the pipe, man…

It'll be a few days before the really awesome pics come along, so let's all ogle at this Harley Quinn cosplayer...who I hope is female

Annual nerd pilgrimage that involves pop culture and human interaction!

(pic is from here)

First Billy Mays, now Gidget is gone. Watch out, Charlie!!

Kinda creepy how he advertised food made from his brethren.

I miss the McDonaldland characters. Only Ronald & Grimace became beanie babies? FAIL

When you were young, this counted as a fancy meal.

(pic is from here)

The first man on the moon set up the camera.

(pic is from here)

One of the last of the legends. "Disney" tag is for Spaceship Earth. "Cartoons" is for the "We're Back!" movie

He made news important.

And that’s the way it is.

(Pic is from here.)

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