August 2009

Murder via writing down someone’s name is illegal?! Get out.

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Insert masturbation euphemism here

A card game so ridiculous, you have to play alone.

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Ok, so the ball doesn't normally bounce. So sue me. Also, genuine gambling tip: Go for tables with just a single 0. 00 just makes bad odds worse

Follow the bouncing ball: All your chips will magically disappear!

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This is tasteless, especially since he just died. This oughta give me a few dozen pageviews.

Chappaquiddick forever rues the day when it couldn’t stop him.

"It's a game that teaches you hot to play $100 at a time!" ~ Dave Attell

“Seven is good AND bad” gets confusing after some drinks.

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Seriously, these things were built to eat money. Don't even bother with penny slots

In one lever pull, Grandma’s money will be all gone!

Pure Baltic Avenue, all of you!

Gamble your life and money away at the Jersey Shore!

Man eats food that would feed starving countries for decades.

As Colbert said, he broke the record for fastest consecutive retirements

You’re awesome, but even Jordan knew when to stay retired.

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Watch Guy Fieri not swallow any of the eccentric food.

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