September 2009

Summer’s over, school begins, you still refuse to wear pants.

(pic is from here)

Confession: I currently don't own the first game, which I did an entry for last year. I got this one courtesy of Dave & Buster's

“Someone’s been murdered!”

“Murdered? That reminds me of a puzzle…”

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Then we'll do what we always do: PUNCH THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!

The story of Voltron portrayed more realistically…and with swearing!

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Confession: Watching this movie only made me hungry

Stating the obvious: eating too much McDonalds makes you fat.

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Within an hour, people begin to regret Women’s rights movements.

(pic is from here)

All the bland dialogue suddenly becomes grim without the cat.

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Bakers are people, too. They make mistakes and hate stupidity.

(pic is from Cake Wrecks itself, naturally)

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