September 2009

Remember ALF? He's back! In Pog Form! BTW, ALF's real name was Gordon Schumway.

Who knew that furry aliens had a taste for cats?

This Perry Bible Fellowship comic sums this up better than I could

I can’t believe that it’s been a full year since I started this blog! What had humble beginnings as a random entry of my main blog, Beaming For Bunnies rose into…another small blog.

Sure, I founded the blog a week or two prior to actually launching actual entries, but September 15, 2008 brought us “Rent…In 10 Words.

I wonder how blogs like 1000 Awesome Things gets all the attention they do? Maybe because…they blog about awesome things? I try my best to sum up awesome things in exactly 10 words, but somehow I’m not getting the readership I’ve been expecting over the past year. Sure, I’ve been steadily getting readers, but nothing really remarkable…for now. I’m simply glad that I’m now averaging over 100 views per day.

Speaking of which, here are my 10 most successful entries as of this writing, aside from the two attentionwhoring entries:

1) Ace of Cakes…In 10 Words – 1,317 views
2) Dr. Pepper…In 10 Words – 736 views
3) Cinco de Mayo…In 10 Words – 253 views
4) Transformers (Live-Action)…In 10 Words – 201 views
5) Shark Week…In 10 Words – 177 views
6) Birthdays…In 10 Words – 170 views
7) Lucky Charms…In 10 Words – 162 views
8 ) Toy Story…In 10 Words – 142 views
9) The Moon Landing…In 10 Words – 140 views
10) The Cat in The Hat…In 10 Words – 88 views

Great, but aside from the top 2, could be better. I’ve had many a entry written that I was sure was going to get popular, but ended up receiving no response AT ALL. For the rest of the entries, click here, or go up top to the “List So Far” page.

Here are the 10 most popular search engine terms that got people to the site:

1) green eggs and ham – 1,271
2) brad pit – 631 (yes, a typo is my #2 search result)
3) shiloh jolie pitt – 607
4) ace of cakes – 526
5) dr pepper – 443
6) wall-e dvd – 426
7) king of the hill – 372
8 ) krampus – 299
9) cakes – 273
10) pikmin – 265

Another popular search term I’ve gotten is variations of “lighthouse wave” for some reason.

Either way, this gives me a mission to my fellow readers:  I want to get on 1000 Awesome Thing’s Blogroll. I’ve been a regular commentator for quite a while, been supporting him since the “Old, Dangerous Playground Equipment” entry, and I’ve kindly asked him. Several times. Perhaps a friendly, nonviolent grassroots movement will let him add me? (UPDATE: It look less than a day, but huzzah, it worked! Thanks, Neil!)


I’m already a big fan and practically a blogroll friend!

By the way, what were your favorite entries so far? If you ask me, my personal favorites were the first 15, which I wrote all at once. After that, I wrote every entry no less than HOURS in advance.

I’d also like to know how you found this blog in the first place.

Also, did you know that scolling over any links and pictures gives you alt-text?

He embodied cheese, manliness, and mullets that rivaled Chuck Norris.

Gay Fish!

Music videos get awards from channels that stopped playing them.

(pic is from here)

Hey, it was either this or a vid of WTC footage set to Yakkity Sax. Either way, you're going to hell for laughing at this.

Our world perspective as we knew it changed instantly.

(pic is from here)

Don't get me wrong, it looks good, and I liked what I saw earlier tonight...But I see The Firefly Effect kicking in with this one

Egotistical students sing to save themselves from Fox’s inevitable cancellation.

(pic is from here)

Story of my life. Also, this pic from The Office works quite well here.

“Hey, we’re going someplace awesome!”

“But I can’t take off work…”

(pic is from here)

Judging by quality, The Noid ruined enough of Domino’s pizzas.

Forefathers worked to death, and gave us a three-day weekend.

It's kinda sad when people don't realize the irony of calling Barack Obama & Barney Frank, a mixed-race president and a gay jewish senator, respectively, Nazis. Also, is that a Soylent Green sign in the background?

“Birther Movement didn’t work, let’s spread misinformation about health care!”

(pic is from here)

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