December 2009

Michael Jackson died!

…some other stuff happened, too, I guess.

(pic is from here. Thanks to reading for the first full year, everyone!)

What seemed magical yesterday , becomes a lazy, irritating eyesore today.

(pic is from here)

Here’s twenty dollars, now go do something charitable with it.

(pic is from here)

Someone finally made a good movie from Final Fantasy VII!

(pic is from here)

The most beloved burgular in the entire world. He’s jolly!

(pic is from here. Merry Christmas!)

There’s still time to shop…wait, only five hours?! Crap!!

(pic is from here)

“Is your house on fire, Clark?”

Dysfunctional families are hysterical.

(pic is from here)

Everyone loves breaking their teeth on solid peppermint on Christmas!

(pic is from here)

Christmas is now offensive to neighbors, electricity, and good taste.

There’s no Santa on Mars…Dear God, make it stop!!

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