January 2010

Spoiled emo kid wanders around while calling everyone else “phony.”

(pic is from here)

The country is in the crapper, but America remains awesome!

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Hey, what’s a hockey game doing in my fighting game?

(pics are from here and here)

You’d swear that you could only play football with interceptions.

(pic is from here)

If they would stop dancing, maybe they’d win more games.

(pic is from here)

When hunger strikes, it’s the best legal source of porn!

(pic is from here.)

And now, some pics of food that can be sampled from a Google search for “Food Network”:

(Pics are from here, here, here, and here)

Cream-filled sponges that love to sleep in your digestive system!

(pic is from here)

Killing people is wrong, unless I’m the one doing it!

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I liked playing this game when it was “Harvest Moon.”

(pic is from here)

A day off in exchange for racial harmony.

Ha. Sucker.

(pic is from here)

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