I can’t believe TWO years have passed since I started this blog! Does anyone think that I would still be doing it? I sure didn’t.

Let’s see what the Ace of Cakes has made for me to mark this momentous occasion!

Meh. But anyway, I’d like to thank all my reader(s) for coming by here every day to see what nonsense I have to say in exactly ten words! When I wrote the entry for the FIRST birthday, I had commanded Hypnotoad to get 1000 Awesome Things to add me to his blogroll.

It worked, and my viewership skyrocketed! Then he stopped having a blogroll because he got famous, which of course led to an enormous decline. I was still doing ok, with an average of around 900 readers or so a day. But then I lost a LOT of readers during the week of Christmas and the stats never fully recovered. I was still in the 500 a day pool…until I posted an entry about Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” and now I’m lucky to get over 100 views a day!

But enough about my depression, let’s see some good stats!

Here are my 10 most popular entries! (as of September 15th, 2010)

1) Octoberfest (17,960)
2) Zombieland (15,617)
3) Cinco de Mayo (12,704)
4) Brad Pitt (12,176)
5) Alphainventions.com (11,716)
6) Ace of Cakes (8,127)
7) A Charlie Brown Christmas (4,735)
8 ) Avenue Q (4,330)
9) Michael Phelps (3,867)
10) Candy Hearts (3,796)

That’s an incredible improvement over last year, where only ONE entry aside from the two Alphainventions.com entries broke 1,000 views! Now THIRTY Entries crack are over One Thousand, and FIVE are over ten thousand! Seriously awesome!

Here are the 10 most popular search engine terms that got people to the site (as of 9/15/10):

1) oktoberfest  (17,533)
2) zombieland (13,891)
3) brad pitt (7,436)
4) cinco de mayo (7,086)
5) green eggs and ham (5,186)
6) avenue q (3,964)
7) ace of cakes (3,455)
8 ) new years eve (3,332)
9) shiloh jolie pitt (3,329)
10) candy hearts (3,141)

Obviously, people search for words that I wrote entries for…or in some cases, vice-versa. I wrote the “Celebrity Babies” entry BECAUSE I knew people would search for it. It’s currently my 11th most popular entry.

In short, thank you all for everything. If it weren’t for your quiet, anonymous views, I probably would have given up ages ago! But I have a new mission to you all:


Yes, I want all of you to tell everyone you know about this place! On Facebook, The Twitter, link to me on your blogrolls, and just spread the site through word of mouth! It will mean so much to me!


(pics are from here and here)