I’ve since added sitemeter to In 10 Words for the blog’s first birthday, and I must say, I’m pretty interested towards just exactly WHERE in the world all my visitors are coming from. I decided to set up this page to keep track of my international visitors. The top three countries are: The USA (I’m American. Gasp!), Canada, and The UK in that order.

I don’t know where everyone came from during the first year, but I’ve gotten hits from the following countries:

-New Zealand
-Puerto Rico
-Chile (I’m looking at you, Neil @1000 Awesome Things)
-Hong Kong
-Czech Republic
-St. Lucia
-Dominican Republic
-United Arab Emirates

-Trinidad & Tobago
-The Netherlands
-El Salvador
-South Korea
-El Salvador
-South Africa
-Reunion Island
-French Polynesia
-Bosnia & Herzegovina
-Saint Kitts & Nevis
-The Russian Federation
-The Republic of Moldova
-Turks and Caicos Islands

-and some place called the Faroe Islands

If you are from any of those above countries, welcome! Be sure to let me know just which country you hail from. I’ll try to find topics that’ll cater to you!

6 Responses to “Going Global!”

  1. Katie Says:

    CANADA 🙂
    You’re blog is great – read it every day

  2. donpozuelo Says:

    I’m from Germany.
    Great idea for a blog. I love it 🙂

  3. tokyo5 Says:

    I’m (one of) your visitor from Japan.

  4. Me Says:

    in ten words? your blog is awsome!! 😀 hi from romania!

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