A job that’s mind-numbingly terrible because customers are fucking stupid.

(Written by my co-worker Tim)

Now that I’ve been getting a few visitors, I’m just putting this post here saying that my first “real” entry will appear on Monday and this blog will be officially open for business.

This blog will be updated on weekdays, taking off on Saturday & Sunday. I also promise that every entry from here on in will contain 10 words. No more, no less.

My only hope is to entertain you…and to somehow get on the train of “Blogs Getting Book Deals.”

I’ve always fancied myself as an amateur writer. For the past few months, I’ve been writing a blog titled “Beaming For Bunnies” which developed a small following, but I wish it was read by more people.

My main intention for this blog is simple: I’m a firm believer of “Short. Sweet. To The Point.” Too long I have read descriptions of things that were written at novel lenght when they could have simply summed up the entire damn thing in a sentence.

…Let me say that my “Rent in 10 Words” entry is what inspired the creation of this blog. That one entry had been in my head for 2 years and had stemmed from a conversation I had between a few friends. Then one day it dawned on me: That little summation was 10 words long. That got me thinking…what other stuff can I sum up in 10 words? Voila!

Thus, I have been inspired to sum up things in my (and hopefully your) everyday life in just 10 words. Seems like a good lenght. Not too long, not too short, it gets the job done.