Hey, it was either this or a vid of WTC footage set to Yakkity Sax. Either way, you're going to hell for laughing at this.

Our world perspective as we knew it changed instantly.

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It's kinda sad when people don't realize the irony of calling Barack Obama & Barney Frank, a mixed-race president and a gay jewish senator, respectively, Nazis. Also, is that a Soylent Green sign in the background?

“Birther Movement didn’t work, let’s spread misinformation about health care!”

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This is tasteless, especially since he just died. This oughta give me a few dozen pageviews.

Chappaquiddick forever rues the day when it couldn’t stop him.

I still can't believe that "Sexy Time" is now annoying as hell to me.

The world’s most lovable mysoginistic foreigner unintentionally infleunces college slang.

He warned us about this! But upside: She's sentient and gives wise advice

Cut Al Gore a check, then toss in the trash.

The finger thing means the taxes...

You might hate the Government, but your cash still disappears.

This hilarious Talk Show redeemed its Indie Cred for California?!

Day off! Woo!


This day is NOT about giving presents to Obama!

Good riddance.

These sarcastic pieces of Spencer’s kitsch are now rendered useless!

(artist’s rendering)

I just love saying “President Obama.”

President Obama!

Try it!