I actually made it to 100 posts. It took me half the time it took for my main blog, Beaming For Bunnies to do the same thing. It’s 100th entry can be found here.

I’d like to thank my loyal readers: Bill, DC, Myles, Whathisname. I apologize if I didn’t mention you.

Last week after posting my entry for “Kirby Super Star Ultra,” it seems that I started getting hits from some site called Alphainventions.com. I’ve looked at it, and it’s a site that links to thousands of blogs that t appear on its front page as soon as they get updated.

The site got me about 50 hits over those two days. I then noticed that stuck to the front page was a list of blog entries that mentioned the site, primarily in its title.

Cue yesterday’s “AlphaInventions.com…In 10 Words” entry. It was a shameful ploy to get traffic. It worked.

Sunday: 32 visits
Monday:  7,891
Tuesday (As of this writing): 2,775

Holy. Shit. You should never deem something as “Epic” too often, but I feel that this was justified. I had more visitors in a day than Beaming For Bunnies had in 11 months.

I thank the thousands of people who looked at that one entry and then left to look at the next blog.

In order to increase regular viewers, I am confirming that there wil be a page listing every In 10 Words entry coming soon. Much in the way that is set up by a favorite blog of mine “1000 Awesome Things.”

I should have started doing that when I started the blog. Oh well.

UPDATE: It’s up! Click here!

Also, I made a logo for the blog! You like?

There's really no point to this pic. It's just the first google image hit for "Alphainventions.com"

I don’t know how I got traffic…but thank you.

(psst, check out my other blog here: galileo908.blogspot.com)